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HLP 2 Draft Cover

High-Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities
(2nd Edition)

High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) are a deceptively simple concept in the field of education. On the one hand it is amazing to have a list of key practices that all teachers should learn and be able to implement when teaching students of all backgrounds and ability levels, including those with disabilities. On the other, teaching is rarely simple, and there is critical nuance within the HLPs to understand and master along the path towards supporting positive academic, behavioral, and social outcomes for all students.

In this revised text, the High-Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities (2nd Edition) are revised and updated to reflect the challenges of modern classrooms.

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Practice-Based Learning Opportunities

Every Student Deserves an Equitable Opportunity to Succeed.

About High-Leverage Practices

Watch HLPs in Action

High-Leverage Practices: Fundamental to Effective Teaching

In partnership with the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR), the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has developed and published a set of high-leverage practices (HLPs) for special educators and teacher candidates.

The HLPs are organized around four aspects of practice:

Explore HLP Foundations

Resources designed to support and strengthen educators understanding of the high-leverage practices for students with disabilities — including how they were developed, what they are, the supporting evidence (as available), and how they can be used in classrooms. 

Access Professional Development Materials

Resources intended to be used as professional learning activities for educators to increase their knowledge, understanding, and use of the HLPs for students with disabilities. 

Apply HLPs

Resources to support teachers’ acquisition of how to use the high-leverage practices through scaffolded opportunities to practice - increasing in complexity and with less support provided overtime until mastery is developed.  

HLP Deep Dive

Come take a deep dive into some of the most used High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) -- including strategies to effectively implement those practices -- this Collection is perfect to enrich your HLP skills!

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