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High-Leverage Practices

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Practice-Based Learning Opportunities for the high-leverage practices

Content type: Tool
Last Updated:  2 March, 2021

To support teacher educators’ use of HLPs, the CEEDAR Center, in collaboration with Educator Preparation Program faculty across the country, has collected a set of effective practice opportunities, that we refer to as practice-based learning opportunities...

HLP #11: Goal Setting

Content type: Video
Last Updated:  18 December, 2020

This video provides a definition, background, and rationale for high-leverage practice (HLP) 11 and demonstrates three key components of this HLP through video exemplars from general and special education teachers. This video includes two parts: Part 1...

HLP Leadership Guides

Content type: Page
Last Updated:  12 January, 2021

These guides are intended for school leaders (Administrators, Teacher Coaches, Mentors, etc.) to support their teams in effectively implementing the High Leverage Practices in the classroom.

Unedited Clips of Teachers Implementing HLPs

Content type: Video
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

These unedited clips feature video exemplars of teachers implementing high-leverage practices (HLPs) in a variety of instructional settings. The settings include elementary-level, secondary-level, one-on-one, small-group, whole-group, and virtual...

Learning to Teach: Practice-Based Preparation in Education

Content type: Report
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This special issues brief from the CEEDAR Center supports state education agencies, educator preparation programs, and local districts in improving teacher preparation by outlining essential features for providing high-quality, structured, and sequenced...

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