Unedited Clips of Teachers Implementing HLPs

Looking for virtual content for your courses? In addition to the High Leverage Practice (HLP) video series, we are sharing longer, unedited authentic videos of teacher practice. These longer clips can be used in your educator preparation program courses as supplemental content to observe teacher practice and prompt discussion around the HLPs.

Video 1: Upper Elementary Small-Group Math Lesson

Video 2: Early Elementary Full-Group Reading Lesson

Video 3: Upper Elementary Full-Group Math Lesson

Video 4: Upper Elementary Full-Group Behavior Management Lesson

Video 5: Mid-Elementary 1-on-1 Calendar Lesson

Video 6: High School Whole-Group Math Lesson

Video 7: Early Elementary 1-on-1 Reading Lesson

Video 8: Early Elementary Small-Group Reading Lesson

Video 9: Mid-Elementary Whole-Group Science Lesson

Video 10: Late Elementary Whole-Group Language Arts Lesson

Video 11: Elementary 1-on-1 Math Lesson

Video 12: Middle School Co-Taught Math Lesson

Video 13: Upper Elementary Large- and Then Small-Group Math Lesson