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High-Leverage Practices

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Using the HLP Videos to Activate Implementation

Content type: Webinar
This webinar provides guidance for educator preparation programs and professional development (PD) providers to implement high-leverage practices (HLPs) into teacher preparation and PD through the use of supplemental resources, such as the Council for...

HLP #13: Make Adaptations

Content type: Video
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This video explains how high-leverage practice (HLP) 13, adaptations to curriculum tasks and materials for specific learning goals, can be leveraged to support students with disabilities by providing video exemplars from real classrooms.

HLP #13 Guide

Content type: Tool
Last Updated:  12 January, 2021

This guide highlights key elements of high-leverage practice (HLP) 13; provides tips for mentors, supervisors, and other school leaders who are supporting the implementation of this HLP; and presents questions to consider when observing and evaluating this...

High-Leverage Practices Interactive Alignment Tool

Content type: Page
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This interactive alignment tool, developed in collaboration between the IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University and the CEEDAR Center, maps which IRIS Center resources provide information on high-leverage practices (HLPs).

Mentoring & Induction for Educators of Students With Disabilities

Content type: Tool
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This module from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders' Mentoring and Induction Toolkit 2.0 provides guidance for states, districts, and educator preparation programs to strengthen collaboration to create local mentoring and induction programs that...

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