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High-Leverage Practices

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High-Leverage Practices in Special Education

Content type: Book
This book introduces and defines the high-leverage practices (HLPs), how they were identified, and the supporting evidence. Designed for all teachers, contexts, and grades, these HLPs are based on four aspects of practice: collaboration, assessment, social...

High-Leverage Practices: Crosswalk

Content type: Tool
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This document shows points of alignment in practices and standards between the Council for Exceptional Children and the CEEDAR Center's High-Leverage Practices in Special Education, TeachingWorks' High-Leverage Practices, and Promoting Principal Leadership...

High-Leverage Practices: Overview Flyer

Content type: Tool
Last Updated:  7 October, 2020

This flyer lists all 22 high-leverage practices (HLPs) and provides a high-level overview of the criteria for the development of the HLPs.

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