The Glossary defines terms used in the discussion of the HLPs and provides some references and resources.


Expand your HLPs toolkit with a copy of “High-Leverage Practices in Special Education” or “High Leverage Practices for the Inclusive Classrooms.”

“High-Leverage Practices in Special Education”



“High Leverage Practices for the Inclusive Classrooms”



Webinar Recording 

Revolutionize Instruction: High-Leverage Practices

Georgia’s High-Leverage Practices Webinar Series

Webinar Series


Journal Articles

March–April 2018 issue of the CEC TEACHING Exceptional Children (TEC) journal  including nine recently published articles that reflect and embody specific HLPs.
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TEACHING Exceptional Children: News From CEC: High-Leverage Practices in Special Education
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TEACHING Exceptional Children: Big Ideas in Special Education: Specially Designed Instruction, High-Leverage Practices, Explicit Instruction, and Intensive Instruction
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TEACHING Exceptional Children: Putting High-Leverage Practices Into Practice
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Australasian Journal of Special and Inclusive Education: Using High-Leverage Practices in Teacher Preparation to Reduce the Research-to-Practice Gap in Inclusive Settings
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Handouts, Presentations, and Reports

High-Leverage Practices: Overview Flyer
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High-Leverage Practices and Evidence-Based Practices: A Promising Pair
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Improving Your Instruction: High Leverage Practices That Work!
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Practice Review: High-Leverage Practices and Teacher Preparation in Special Education
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Tightening the toolkit: Focusing reform on High Leverage Practices
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