Putting High-Leverage Practices into practice

Date: March 8, 2018

Developing high-leverage practices (HLPs) to codify practices of effective special educators has been a top priority of CEC and the CEEDAR (Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform) Center during the past few years.

To support the CEC-CEEDAR Center HLPs initiative, the March-April 2018 issue of the CEC TEACHING Exceptional Children (TEC) journal focused on “Putting High-Leverage Practices Into Practice.”

“The aim of the HLPs initiative was not simply to create a list of practices but to inform, shape, and begin a dialogue about effective special educator development,” TEC Editor Kristin Sayeski wrote in her editorial in TEC. “For this special issue, we identified nine recently published articles that reflect and embody specific HLPs. The articles align with the four core areas of collaboration, assessment, social-emotional-behavioral practices, and instruction.”

CEC Director of Policy and Advocacy Deborah Ziegler added, “The profession has established a new baseline for what every teacher must know and be able to do. This baseline provides teacher preparation programs with an avenue toward reform by identifying practices to target in the preparation of teacher candidates and practicing teachers with a tool for self-reflection and professional development.”

HLPs are also highlighted and explained in the book, “High-Leverage Practices in Special Education,” which CEC and the CEEDAR Center co-published in 2017. It is authored by the HLPs Writing Team, a collaborative effort of CEC, its Teacher Education Division, and the CEEDAR Center. Writing Team members include practitioners, scholars, researchers, teacher preparation faculty, and education advocates.